All of our accounts are hosted on the high-speed Web servers. We do not provide dial-up accounts.

    Our featured web hosting account is described as our "Basic" account. This account consists of

  • 100 Mb server space for your web pages
  • 100 Mb transfers per day (3000 Mb per month!)
  • 1 E-Mail account ([email protected])
The following ammenities are included, free of charge:
  • Use of 3 image counters to monitor page accesses
  • Ability to route all e-mail sent to your website to one external address
  • Tape backups created nightly
  • Access log files created nightly

Monthly Fee Setup Fee New Domain
Setup Fee
Existing Domain
Transfer Fee
$14.95 $20 FREE! FREE!

 - Additional disk space billed at $0.10/month for each megabyte
 - Additional transfer billed at $0.40/month for each MB increase in the daily average
   (less than $0.02 per megabyte transferred)

In order to keep our costs low, we bill in 3 month increments for startup then in 6 month increments for renewals. Please note : The free New Domain setup fee does NOT include the domain name registration fee. If you do not have a domain name yet, Internet Domain Registrars charges $60 per two years for a domain name. This is standard for all domain names and will be billed to your credit card.

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