Hosting Facilities

    vs3 hosts with only the best, and we have the world-class facilities to back it up. Our newly-constructed datacenter includes redundant cooling, dedicated fiber paths, complete two-stage power protection, FM-200 fire suppression, 24-hour security, and diverse, redundant network service. Our servers are built to stringent specifications and go through a rigorous testing procedure prior to deployment. Extensive spare equipment is kept on-site.

    We use a cluster of Exabyte Mammoth tape drives for 24-hour backups of all servers. This is a more scalable, cost-effective, and decentralized solution than a single giant tape library. The tape drives are fed by 72Gb of staging storage in order to ensure optimum throughput. Each tape is capable of storing 20Gb before compression.
("Gb" indicates gigabyte, or one billion characters of information)

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